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Pure Cow Ghee
made from our own
Cow Butter

For ensuring the best quality of Ghee, we make our own butter from pure cow milk.

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Ideal re-fill packs for the customers who has had the true wow taste experience already!

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Ideal bulk packs for the customers who loves to share the happiness of pure cow ghee with all!

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Ideal packs for the daily use customers who wants to witness the true wow taste in style!

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India's first Agmark certified Jaggery Powder made
from pure sugarcane

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Why to Choose

A legacy brand in the production of pure cow ghee since 1975. Our ghee is not just a product; it's a tradition of excellence that we've meticulously crafted over the years.

Since 1975
100% Pure Cow Ghee
Agmark Certified Ghee
Rich in Probiotics
NO Adulterations


A1 SKC Ghee: Four Decades of Uncompromised Purity and Health Benefits

by A1skc store

A1 SKC Ghee: Four Decades of Uncompromised Purity and Health Benefits

In the realm of culinary delights, one ingredient stands out for its numerous health benefits and rich cultural significance – pure cow ghee. Known for its distinctive flavour, aroma, and versatility, ghee has been an integral part of Indian cuisine for centuries.
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Customers Talk

Great Quality Indeed

Very good quality ghee that gives the best aroma, taste and freshness to anything that I cooked using A1 SKC Ghee.

Geetika MehtaNew Delhi

Best Ghee Texture

Great Texture. Been using various ghee for over the last 4 decades. Recently shifted to A1 SKC and it brought back the memories from my childhood.

Sunitha VasudevanChennai

A Ghee used by my grandmother

This ghee has been passed down along with our cooking secrets from my grand-mother and I am the third generation using this ghee!

Priya NairCochin

Prawns had a Ghee Crown

Being a chef, I had used a lot of ghee variants. But A1 SKC ghee gave that added taste to my cooking, especially to my signature dish - Prawn Pepper Fry.

Chef. Sam SultanBangalore